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Valuing your brand image has its solution on the Internet

With the advent of search engines, it's simple to be able to communicate to the performance, but these solutions do not meet all the needs of advertisers. In some cases, it must be known and recognized by the customer, and there the solutions related to performance no longer work at all. To develop its reputation, one must be seen in a context of display and reading favorable to the brand. Edge Query X is the first digital format that makes it possible to work on its reputation, to make its brand known and to capitalize on its image.

Integrate, respect and amuse

Allowing an advertiser to communicate about their brand, its values is far more complex than simply communicating about products. For the magic to work, you need several ingredients: a perfect integration with the publisher's website, advertising is part of the browsing experience and must not distort the latter. It must also respect the user, who probably did not arrive on the site to view advertisements. Finally, for acceptance to be complete it is necessary that advertising be fun, beautiful and rewarding also for the reader.

X sample

Simple and fast

Even if the technical mechanisms to be implemented are extremely complex, the creation of a campaign does not require any technical, creative or professional skills. You do not have to be a digital marketer to create an incredibly effective campaign, and all that quickly: 5 minutes to get started.