Idea to vison

From idea to vision

In the field of digital advertising for many years, we have been challenged by the direction that the market wanted to give to publishers, pushing them towards ever more performance, a chimerical objective, which put them to the mercy or under generous infusion of GAFAM. In the end, publisher sites are seeing dozens of advertising sites bloom, badly integrated, denaturing all the ergonomics and generating only disappointing revenues.
How to revolutionize the commercial teams with inappropriate tools, tariffs so far away the market and services at best equivalent.
So we must go back to the fundamentals of publishers, and look where they really have an added value, an unfair advantage. That's where branding, branding or branding comes in, you can name it as you want. It is the nugget, well hidden in its gangue of stone, that the editors have in their hands, it remains only to extract it and to show it to the face of the world.

Our values

Where many see advertising as a necessary evil, at Edge Query we want thoughtful, creative, integrated and fun advertising to become part of the user experience and not the source of resentment.
We think also, with the right tools, the right business strategy publishers can make their revolution, become profitable and remain independent, Edge Query X is a first step in this evolution.
Trust is the link that we want to build between an advertiser and his client, build it on a healthy and transparent relationship and not on the bludgeoning or the interplay.


In the heart of Alsace

It is far from the Silcon Valley that Eden Query was born, in the heart of this unique French region: Alsace. A rich history and a perpetual search for identity is perhaps at the origin of this desire for independence vis-à-vis the major players in the market, to find one's own way, to think differently and to respect differences above all else.

Within the ecosystem: Starter Class SEMIA

As this African proverb says so well: "Alone we are going faster, together we go further", we are lucky to be accompanied, challenged and supported by SEMIA, the incubator of the Grand Est region. The adventure is just beginning, and it is with you that we will get the stars.