Branding DNA

Your DNA: notoriety

Do not be dragged by the market towards performance, immediate ROI, clickthrough rate or CPC (cost per click), it's not your DNA. Even with the best data in the world, you will never compete with search engines for intentional queries (selling an ad for air conditioners when looking for "buy air cond" is not complicated). You will probably never have the finesse or the volume of data of a Facebook. On the other hand, you have one thing that they do not have, the ability to enhance the image of your advertisers, to develop their notoriety, to make them exist in the minds of people.

An innovative format that will change everything

Optimize the branding efficiency of your advertising ecosystem is not easy when the formats are small, not very visible, poorly integrated and open to all commercialization. Edge Query X changes all this by creating a format that is optimized for the premium and exclusive advertiser image by refusing programmatic interconnectivity and RTB systems that degrade the value and allow anyone to communicate on your media. Edge Query X is a first step towards more advertising rationalization, a symbiosis with the Internet user but also a significant lever of digital turnover.

X sample

Easy integration

The deployment of Edge Query X on your media could not be simpler: just ask a simple script if you are not ad-servé, or schedule the call to X on one of your advertising slots. In this way, you will precisely control the trigger mode of Edge Query X, its competition (by price for example) or the exclusion of other advertising formats.

Real-time tracking

There is nothing more frustrating than the tunneling effect in which we put most of the ad-servers, you started your campaign and you do not know what's going on, is not it? she correctly? Do people interact? Do they take the time to look at it? With Edge Query X you know all this in real time, every second you know how many people are watching your ad, how long, clicks on, what network site, ... Now you know.

Real time
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Growth Lever and Control

Once the format is integrated into your sites, your inventory will directly integrate the network of broadcasters and will be marketed according to the different modes in place in Edge Query X:

  • By you or your control directly: you create the campaigns that go broadcast on the sites, on behalf of your advertisers or agencies. The creation of campaigns is very simple, so no need to solicit your teams of traffic management, salespeople and assistants are completely autonomous.
  • By agencies or advertisers account with you: you open the possibility for your customers to directly create their campaigns, but always under your control and your financial relationship.
  • By the other actors of the Edge Query network: your inventories are marketed to important CPM by the other actors (publishers , régies, advertisers, agencies), which like you belong to the network.
The entire ecosystem ensures very large sales CPM, close to those generally used in local commercialization. But you also guarantee a control over the actors (advertisers or agencies) related to you.

Fully integrated audience extension

In order to respond more effectively to the needs of your customers, you must increasingly expand the scope of dissemination of advertising campaigns out of your own media. But this approach is often expensive in time and margin, often making it beneficial to the customer alone. Edge Query X allows you to focus on the customer need only and let the system do the rest, ensuring optimal efficiency and significant revenue without additional workload.

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API: an open but secure system

Edge Query X is not a black box, but a toolbox open on the information systems of its users. Thus, all the operations carried out by the platform (creation of campaigns, customers, listing and export, end of campaign report, administration, ...) are controllable by secure API (type OAuth2). You can put Edge Query X at the heart of your information system.

Respect: standards and good practices

In search of the symbiosis with the users, our first step was to respect, to see to precede the norms and good practices of the market. To do this, Edge Query X fully complies with the recommendations of the Coalition for Better Ads and the rules of the Digital AdTrust. In addition, we do not believe that the future of branding advertising passes by the behavioral data, so we do not use any personal data of Internet users, the cookie only allowing the activation of the capping.

X sample
X sample

Only costs when it pays

You read correctly, Edge Query X is paid only by a technical fee (TechFee) in the form of a CPM on the dissemination of your campaigns. This fee is paid by the account in charge of billing (the publisher if the campaign is created by its control, the billing account as part of an advertiser or an associated agency).